What is this campaign all about?

To commemorate and celebrate the National Park Centennial, the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association have launched a major campaign that galvanizes the outdoor industry as well as other sectors and the public in a collective effort to fund local projects that connect young people with parks.

A centerpiece of the campaign will support the ‘Every Kid in a Park’ initiative, which was announced by the White House this year and has the goal of providing an opportunity for every 4th grade student in the country to visit a National Park or one of 2,000 federally managed lands and waters nationwide.

The Foundation and Association’s campaign goal is to connect tens of thousands of kids with meaningful park experiences – leading to ongoing outdoor activities and ultimately a nation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Who is eligible to submit projects?

Projects can be submitted directly by a school or non-profit partner working with grades K-8.

What kind of projects are eligible?

Projects must involve taking K-8th graders on meaningful park experience field trips to public lands.  

What is considered a park?

All federally managed lands and waters as well as local and state parks.

What can the raised funds support/go towards?

Funding must support the direct expenses associated with the park/outdoor experience.

When can I post a project on the site?

Projects can be posted throughout calendar year 2016. All outdoor experiences must take place in calendar year 2016. If you know the date of your park experience, please indicate that on the campaign profile where it asks for date of event.

What percentage of donated funds does the Outdoor Foundation keep to manage the program?

A 10% fee will be collected by the Outdoor Foundation to cover credit card processing, the service provider’s fee for the crowdfunding platform and program administrative fees

Will the project receive all money raised even if the fundraising goal is not met?

A project must raise at least $50 towards their fundraising goal in order to receive donations.  If less than $50 is raised, donations received will go into the general fund supporting Parks4Kids projects.

How can I be successful at raising money towards my fundraising goal?

Successful crowdfunding is all about engaging your community. You will make your fundraising goal through many small donations, so marketing and communication with your agency’s friends and supporters is essential for success. Have a solid plan to use photos and video, email and social media to promote your project and drive supporters to your listing on Parks4Kids. Throughout 2016, the Outdoor Foundation will also be encouraging outdoor industry companies to contribute to projects in celebration of the National Park Centennial.

When will we receive the money raised?

Once you reach your fundraising goal, you will receive funds within 30 days after providing the required documentation. Be prepared to submit a letter of support signed by the school involved in your project (provided by the Outdoor Foundation) as well as a signed W-9 and check information. 

How long can projects be listed on the website?

Projects can continue to fundraise and stay listed throughout 2016.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by Federal or state law. Contributions are 100 percent tax-deductible if there are no “perks” received in conjunction with the gift. If you provide perks to donors, the tax-deductible amount will depend on the perk’s value. Please consult your accountant or tax attorney for details.

What happens to donor data that is submitted through this initiative?

Donors who give to this initiative will be asked for their name, email and postal address at check-out. This data can be available to you as an Excel or CSV document by request. The Outdoor Foundation will also receive this data and will use it to communicate with the donors who opt in to market the site.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my project or overall program?

Please contact Ivan Levin at ilevin@outdoorfoundation.org, Senior Director, Outdoor Foundation if you have a question about your project or the fundraising platform.

Where can I learn more about the Launcht platform and how it works, including information about registration and overall fundraising functionality?

CLICK HERE to learn more about Launcht and to reach throught their terms and conditions.