Get Kids to the River! - San Diego, CA

by The San Diego River Park Foundation
Activity Type: Hiking, Stewardship, Other
Region: Pacific West

Underserved kids along the San Diego River deserve opportunities to explore and learn outside. We have the program, help us with the buses!

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The San Diego River Park Foundation believes that access to the outdoors is a basic human right.  Unfortunately, in San Diego, many children lack access to safe, high-quality, nearby nature.  This lack of access can have significant negative impacts on their young lives.  Children who spend less time outdoors are more likely to experience obesity, ADHD, and behavioral problems. 

This coming school year, the San Diego River Park Foundation will connect more than 2,500 children with free educational experiences in nature along the San Diego River.  We work to reverse this trend of children being increasingly "plugged in" and out of touch with the outdoors.

Through our Cool River field trip series, we will take underserved children from park-poor communities on a three-day series of field trips to different locations on the San Diego River.  This progressive experience is built around 4 themes:  recreation, conservation, ecology and stewardship. 
  1. Recreation and Conservation:  kids visit a remote nature preserve in the upper section of the watershed, where they learn about safe exploring and recreation and efforts to protect these pristine lands.
  2. Ecology:  students are empowered as citizen scientists to complete a hands-on study of the invertebrates that live in the San DIego River to learn about how bioassessment can unlock secrets about the River's health.
  3. Stewardship:  students visit the San Diego River Mouth, where the River meets the ocean.  They learn about this rare and wonderful habitat type, and how intervention of caring community members and volunteers saved endangered species.
This valuable program and the progression of activities that build on each other give kids a broad understanding of the watershed from the mountains to the ocean.  It gives them context for their own place within the environment.  Hands-on, inquiry-based learning is meant to foster confidence, passion and life-long love of the outdoors.  

We have secured funding to offer this program to at least 600 students this school year, but need to raise $4,800 to provide school buses as transportation for bringing these deserving students to the River.  

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We work with many schools along the San Diego River, within or near the watershed.  Right now, we know we will provide this opportunity for every student (400) from King-Chavez Academy in Barrio Logan this school year.