SheJumps Wild Skills Initiatives - Salt Lake City, UT

by SheJumps
Activity Type: Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Stewardship, Other
Region: Intermountain

Wild Skills youth events teach young girls the survival and technical skills they need for outdoor adventuring.

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Wild Skills youth initiatives teach young girls the survival and technical skills they need for outdoor adventuring. These skills can be applied in any season or region and include first aid, navigation, leave no trace, 10 essentials, shelter building, communication, intuition, nature journaling and sound mapping. Depending on the location, girls will be introduced to activities such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding or fly fishing. 

The Wild Skills program has three different facets: day camps, overnight camps and adventures. Our day camp events introduce girls to the skills covered in our Wild Skills curriculum. These high energy events create a welcoming environment that encourages girls to learn new skills, experience an accessible outdoor activity and get excited about adventuring. Our Camps focus on one specific outdoor activity and integrates the Wild Skills curriculum throughout. For example, Wild Skills Mountain Camp takes girls ages 9-12 onto the glaciers of Mt. Rainier for a mountaineering course with professional guides. Our Adventures reinforce the skills learned at our day camps and continue to connect girls and their families to the outdoors. 

We make an extended effort to connect girls and their families to local organizations that align with our mission. Utilizing what each community has to offer, Wild Skills sparks the interest in these activities and provides the information they need to get involved and participate on a regular basis. 

Our events encourage girls to learn new skills, take on challenges and think creatively which develops perseverance and fosters confidence. By combining outdoor education and activity, Wild Skills empowers young girls and promotes lifelong physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By actively engaging girls minds and bodies we are giving them the tools they need to face the challenges of a changing world. 

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Salt Lake City

September 5, 2017 - Thank You REI and BOCO Gear!

 Thank you to REI and BOCO gear for their generous donations and supporting fundraisers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

October 31, 2017 - Thank You BOGS Footwear!

Thank you to BOGS Footwear for their donation to our Utah Parks4Kids project.  This donation helped us reach our fundraising goal!

October 25, 2017 - Thank You BOCO Gear

Thank you BOCO Gear for another donation towards Utah Parks4Kids.