Youth Adventure Leadership Program (YALP) - Logan, UT

by Common Ground Outdoor Adventures
Activity Type: Camping, Hiking, Stewardship, Other
Region: Intermountain

YALP introduces educational and vocational opportunities in the outdoors to young people with disabilities.

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Young people with disabilities have little access to outdoor recreational opportunities and very little access to outdoor leadership, education, and occupational training. YALP fills this gap by integrating the provision of these skills with basic outdoor recreation and ultimately engage teachers, schools, outdoor agencies and retailers in reaching out more and including individuals with disabilities in their marketing, employment, and educational efforts. As youth progress through the program they participate in leadership roles and some are hired for internships which may lead to future employment and will be great on college applications. 

YALP empowers youth with disabilities to overcome challenges in all aspects of their lives and discover opportunities for employment, education, and leadership that they may not have recognized prior to participation in the program. 

Program development and curriculum have been developed  by a Utah Conservation Corps member, who has a background in environmental education and youth leadership, hired specifically to develop and run YALP. The UCC member has attended training at the Utah Society for Environmental Education prior to beginning their service at CGOA. 

YALP follows a four level pyramid model, reducing the impact on number of individuals as you progress from tier to tier and the program gets more intensive. The first level of participation starts with an 'introduction experience'. The 'introduction experience' will include a fun outdoor activity/team building exercise and "pitch" of the program. These activities reach 150-200 youth through local schools and agencies. At the end of each introduction experience, youth will be invited to submit applications to participate in the program. Youth must meet minimal criteria in order to participate such as: 
1) ability to manage personal care and mobility
2) be outdoors for extended periods during the summer months
3) be able to communicate clearly and consistently

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September 5, 2017 - Thank You REI and BOCO Gear!

Thank you to REI and BOCO gear for their generous donations and supporting fundraisers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

October 25, 2017 - Thank You BOCO Gear

Thank you BOCO Gear for another donation towards Utah Parks4Kids.