Explorer Explosion - Evanston, UT

Activity Type: Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Stewardship, Water Activities
Region: Intermountain

The Explorer Explosion is a three day core values outdoor workshop for 75 youth from 14-20.

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Learning for Life (LFL) wants to provide a life changing opportunity for 75 youth for a three day high adventure core values workshop including food and other necessities.  The workshop focus is to help youth learn self-reliance, perseverance, courage,  and teamwork  while gaining a love for the outdoors. Youth will compete on a team and individual bases in the following activities: Action Archery, Climbing/Rappelling, Mountain Biking, Mountain Boarding,
Shooting Sports, Survival Challenge, Water Sports, Outdoor Engineering, Scout Falls Trail and an over night backpacking event. These activities have been chosen to help educate the youth through first-hand experiences. Not all youth learn the same way. This event will help participants acquire skills, knowledge, and experience outside of traditional academic and business settings. 
Youth will embark on an adventure in learning and leadership that most of them have never before experienced where knowledge is created through the transformation of the experience. 
Their experience will start by learning basic survival skills that include starting a fire, securing shelter, outdoor cooking, safe and non-safe edible plants, basic fishing skills, remote wilderness first aid and GPS land navigation. Each of these basic skills will increase the participant's self-reliance and ability to take the lead in emergency or difficult situations.
The actual activities will help the youth learn perseverance and courage through trying new and difficult things. Once a youth has learned to climb and rappel down a 50' climbing wall it transforms their thinking processes. Allowing them to see that although something is difficult and takes several attempts you can achieve it through not giving up.

Patience, tolerance and empathy are learned through working with your team to help everyone be successful and complete an event. The activities have been designed to address needed life skills and an appreciation of wilderness. 

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The Explorer Explosion will be held July 17-19 of 2017.

September 5, 2017 - Thank You REI and BOCO Gear!

Thank you to REI and BOCO gear for their generous donations and supporting fundraisers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

October 25, 2017 - Thank You BOCO Gear

Thank you BOCO Gear for another donation towards Utah Parks4Kids.