Thanksgiving Point Explore Create Observe Challenge - Lehi, UT

by Thanksgiving Point Institute
Activity Type: Hiking, Stewardship, Water Activities, Other
Region: Intermountain

This program is a multidisciplinary, education program designed to give high school students an opportunity to tackle enviro. issues.

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Youth need ample opportunities to connect with nature and create solutions to the environmental problems they experience firsthand. Even in Utah, known for its national and state parks, we have a highly urban population and families disconnecting from the nature around them. The first step is getting teens outdoors and into the environment, so they can see and experience the challenges for themselves. The ECO Challenge uses the outdoors as an authentic context for learning, meaning that by being outdoors, students see that the natural world and its problems are interconnected and complex and must be understood to devise solutions that address issues holistically. 

The purpose of the ECO Challenge is to engage teens in grades 9-12 in an environmental education program that provides opportunities to learn about green careers and how they can make a difference in their communities. The ECO Challenge exists to address 4 problem areas: environmental stewardship, teen engagement, STEM education and career awareness. 

Students choose from a variety of options to address the chosen environmental challenge. Each option requires students to get outside to research the environmental issue and then to develop innovative and creative solutions for addressing the problem. The challenges focus on ways that individual choices can sustain and improve the environment now, and for future generations.

Involving youth in addressing real-world challenges prompts them to analyze and change their behaviors, increasing this program’s impact for years to come. For example: a student may participate in a citizen science challenge, monitoring water quality of lakes, streams, and rivers in the community. Then, from their analysis, identify a specific problem to address; research, design, and build a prototype to mitigate the chosen problem; and most importantly, share their research/ results with other students as well as agency and industry representatives via the spring showcase. 

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September 5, 2017 - Thank You REI and BOCO Gear!

Thank you to REI and BOCO gear for their generous donations and supporting fundraisers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

October 25, 2017 - Thank You BOCO Gear

Thank you BOCO Gear for another donation towards Utah Parks4Kids.