Leadership and Resiliency Program Adventure Activities - Salt Lake City, UT

by Housing Opportunities, Inc.
Activity Type: Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Water Activities, Winter Activities
Region: Intermountain

The Leadership and Resiliency Program Adventure Activities allow youth to step out of their element and explore the Utah wilderness.

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The Leadership and Resiliency Program (LRP) is targeted toward at-risk youth age 12-18 living in low-income housing communities. LRP is an evidence-based, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) approved program that promotes healthy relationships, goal-setting and coping strategies. The program builds resiliency in these three categories using three components: Peer Resiliency Groups, Community Volunteer Experiences, and Alternative Adventure Activities. Adventure Activities are a critical component that provide youth with a safe, supportive environment to take risks, overcome challenges, and build their individual identity. Although these youth live in a prime location to experience the outdoors, most would never have the opportunity without this program. Last year, LRP took 10 youth on their first ever camping trip. In 2017, 10 youth will have their first opportunity to go whitewater rafting. 

Each month, 40 youth participate in an Alternative Adventure Activity. These outdoor activities vary with the seasons and take advantage of the incredible wilderness across Utah. The activities are coordinated by two LRP staff, and are hosted by local outdoor organizations in the Salt Lake area. In preparation for an activity, LRP staff engage youth in the planning process to reinforce goal-orientation and future oriented thinking. During outings, youth learn to safely participate in new activities. Meanwhile, they receive the support of the LRP staff and the experts with the outdoor organization to ensure a positive experience. The new and unfamiliar environments often trigger youth to self-reflect and self-evaluate. LRP staff act as guides through this process, encouraging youth to consider their role as part of the larger systems while they test their physical and emotional limits. Throughout the experience, LRP staff stress “Leave No Trace” outdoor ethics, promoting a respect for nature and responsibility for the environment.

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September 5, 2017 - Thank You REI and BOCO Gear!

Thank you to REI and BOCO gear for their generous donations and supporting fundraisers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

October 25, 2017 - Thank You BOCO Gear

Thank you BOCO Gear for another donation towards Utah Parks4Kids.