Seven Creeks | Walk Series - Empowering Communities through Watershed-Based Education - Salt Lake City, UT

by Seven Canyons Trust
Activity Type: Hiking, Stewardship, Water Activities
Region: Intermountain

The Seven Creeks | Walk Series hosts walking conversations and hands-on environmental education along creek reaches in the Salt Lake valley.

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The Seven Creeks | Walk Series engages local residents in walking conversations and collaborative action along buried and impaired creek reaches in the Salt Lake valley. This program targets affected communities, who face challenges related to fair treatment, meaningful involvement, and environmental justice. Participants observe and share stories, insights, and visions to explore ways to better manage, restore, and love their hydrology. The series will advocate for a more democratic community engagement process that gives this population a voice in addressing environmental justice concerns, such as water quality impairments, flooding, degrading public health, shrinking natural green space, economic vulnerabilities, and quality of life, and a format for environmental activism.

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Salt Lake School District