What Floats your Boat? - San Diego Bay

by High Tech Elementary
Activity Type: Water Activities
Region: Pacific West

Students will study the science and history of boats and build their own boats.

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Please describe your project in more detail.

Our students will explore the world of boats and the impact that they have had throughout history. They will research different types of boats from different time periods/countries/cultures to gain an understanding of how the structure of the boat served its intended purpose (battleship, fishing canoe, etc.). They will also study the scientific concepts of buoyancy, water displacement, and density to understand exactly what makes a boat float. Through design and experimentation, students will craft model boats which will then be scaled up to life size. This challenge will give students the knowhow and skills to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat: to craft an actual sea faring vessel which they will paddle in San Diego Bay.

Our students have the benefit of growing up in San Diego, where the bay and the ocean are important parts of their culture. Connecting their learning to their immediate outdoor environment is an important part of the project. Therefore, we'd also like to get them out on the water in kayaks and other self-propelled crafts to appreciate their environment and the place of boats in it.

How many kids (grades K-8) will be directly engaged in this project?

78 students will be directly engaged in this project.  In addition, students ranging from K-5th grade and their families will be exposed to our learning through public exhibition.

What is the name or school district associated with the project?

The school associated with this project is High Tech Elementary School in Point Loma.