Fieldtrip to the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve - Escondido, CA

by The Escondido Creek Conservancy
Activity Type: Hiking, Stewardship
Region: Pacific West

4th grade students learn about watersheds during a fieldtrip to the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve.

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Please describe your project in more detail.

Without water, there is no life–and faced with on-going drought, water is quickly becoming one of San Diego County’s scarcest natural resources.  The Escondido Creek Conservancy provides an environmental education curriculum for 4th and 6th graders called Watersheds.  This program takes place at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, a 784-acre park where kids can get out of the classroom and immerse themselves in nature.  There, they will learn about value of the Escondido Creek watershed, the history of the creek, and ways to conserve water at home and in school.  The curriculum emphasizes stewardship.  For many urban students, this fieldtrip is the first time they've ever ventured out of an urban setting and set foot in nature.

Every year hundreds of students from local schools come to the Reserve to experience our fieldtrip program.  One local school, Conway Elementary, has previously expressed strong desire to schedule this fieldtrip for their 4th grade students but unfortunately, they lack the funds to do so.  Therefore, we are seeking funding for this local school to bring 110 4th graders on a fieldtrip for this highly relevant program.

How many kids (grades K-8) will be directly engaged in this project?

110 4th grade students

What is the name or school district associated with the project?

Escondido Union School District

May 19, 2016 - We hit our goal of $900!

We'd like to extend a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! We've already begun meeting with Conway Elementary to pre-plan for these trips, and everyone involved is bursting with excitement!  The fieldtrips will be scheduled for the 2016-2017 school year, and we'll be sure to share photos when they happen. Thanks again!