WE3 Summer Trips - Denver, CO

by WE3, a Non-profit Corporation
Activity Type: Hiking, Stewardship, Winter Activities, Other
Region: Midwest

We're raising funds to support three Summer educational trips for students into Nature!

$50 Raised out of $2,500
1 Funders
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Please describe your project in more detail.

WE3 provides educational trips to Denver students during the summer. Our overhead includes insurance, park fees, food costs, merchandise & equipment for students and general operating costs such as printing, fuel, etc. Each trip currently costs about $500, and we have three of those from April 2016-July 2016. We're also looking to raise another $1000 to finance a large family nature scavenger hunt!

How many kids (grades K-8) will be directly engaged in this project?

We aspire to engage 50 students in summer trips and 100 families in the scavengar hunt!

What is the name or school district associated with the project?

WE3 Adventures!