Every Kid in a Park Fairview Elementary School - Denver, CO

by Brad Paterson
Activity Type: Hiking, Stewardship, Water Activities
Region: Intermountain

4th graders from Fariview Elementary will celebrate the Centennial of the National Park Service by visiting a national Wildlife Refuge

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In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial, Environmental Learning for Kids will take two 4th grade classes from Fairview Elementary School classes to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. On this excursion, students will participate in a fun and educational curriculum about Colorado wildlife habitat and conservation. Students will share a lunch outdoors and then go on a nature hike to view bison and other wildlife. We will learn about how animals survive in their habitat by playing a game about ecosystem resources. Then, we will visit the Black Footed Ferret re-introduction exhibit to learn about endangered animals and what wildlife managers can do to help these animals survive. At the end of the adventure, students will be presented with Junior Ranger badges and receive year-long entrance passes for students and their families to any national park in the United States. Funds for this trip will include transportation, lunch and extra items to make the field trip special. 

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Fairview Elelmentary School