Colvin Run Elementary School - Vienna, VA

by Marjorie Holsing
Activity Type: Stewardship
Region: Northeast

During the 2016 BioBlitz, up to 20 student participants will identify plants, pollinator species and birds in native areas.

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The Friends of Wolf Trap will be working with the National Park Service, Audubon Society, Northern Virginia Master Gardeners and Volunteers on the BioBlitz at Wolf Trap on May 20-21, 2016. We will be inviting 15 - 20 4th graders from Colvin Run Elementary School. 

Experts and volunteers will be on hand to assist students, to educate during the activity and to respond to questions.

BioBlitz is a national event. The focus for students participating at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts will be to identify and report the number of plants, pollinator species, birds and other animals in 5 diverse areas: native, vegetable and shade gardens, hiking trail, farm  pond and marsh area. Since 2014, Citizen Scientists and the Audubon have catalogued more than 40 species of plants, 60 species of bees, 42 species of butterflies and 100 species of birds in newly created habitat. Documentation and new sightings are ongoing.

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Colvin Run Elementary