Seaton Elementary School - Washington, DC

by National Park Trust
Activity Type: Other
Region: Northeast

Students will visit the C&O National Historic Park on the Potomac River, combining lessons of history and science.

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Seaton Elementary is located in Washington, DC. 47% of students at Seaton Elementary qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. During their visit to C&O National Historic Park, students will participate in a variety of educational programs including a nature hike to observe the falls and regional geology, a tour of the lock and a ride on the lock boat. This will be a immersive experience combining elements of history and science.

This gift will help cover bus transportation for 32 4th-grade students to visit C&O National Historic Park. Every dollar raised will be matched 1-to-1 by the National Park Service Centennial Challenge Fund to cover other fees associated with this trip. 

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Seaton Elementary School