Montana Discovery Foundation Snowschool

by Debbie Anderson
Activity Type: Winter Activities
Region: Intermountain

This project will provide transportation for students to get outdoors for snow recreation and education in public lands around Helena.

$525 Raised out of $2,500
7 Funders
0 Days Remaining

Please describe your project in more detail.

Montana Discovery Foundation has provided Snowschool programs to students and the general public in and around the Helena area for over 12 years. Each winter we go to area schools and offer snowshoe excursions - usually in their backyards. We would like to be able to provide transportation to students get outdoors for muscle-powered recreation on the public lands in the Helena area because there is generally better snow than in a school's backyard. Also, education about snow science, forest ecology and wildlife adaptations are more relatable in a forest setting.

The funding raised will be used for bus transportation and for the repair and replacement of our very hard-used snowshoes that are over 12 years old.

How many kids (grades K-8) will be directly engaged in this project?


What is the name or school district associated with the project?

Helena School District #1

May 9, 2016 - Thanks SmartWool!

SmartWool is committed to passing the love of the outdoors to the next generation. Thanks SmartWool for helping get more kids outside!